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Read + Review — Death Weavers by Brandon Mull

deathweaversCole has been trapped in a magical world for quite some time on a quest to save the world. He has been sent on a journey to find people that are also being hunted by others. This is important because Destiny, the person that he has to find, could destroy the world or save it. With the help of his friends, Drake and Ferrin, Cole manages to get to places that no one dare lay a foot in.

I thought that the book was very well written. For someone that has not read the previous books, I had to think about what was happening after I read the first few chapters. Once I had a general idea of what happened, everything else was smooth sailing. The questions that Cole asks are questions that many people ask every day. Though he is given an answer, he still is not satisfied. There is some dark humor when Nazeem, the torivor, threatens to destroy the world. There is also much dark humor referenced throughout the book. I thought that this effectively showed the graveness of the situation. It also shows how much of a disadvantage Cole and his friends have.

One thing that is memorable about this book is how Cole was loyal to what he was doing and always kept his eyes on the target. No matter what happened, he made it his life choice to save Destiny and all of his friends.


Reviewed by Abhishek, Grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library

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