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Read + Review — Soldier by Julie Kagawa

soldierEmber Hill chose to part from Talon and take on the dangerous life of a rouge with Riley and his followers. Garret, a former soldier of the St. George Order, is halfway across the world, and Ember doesn’t know the whereabouts of her twin brother, Dante. As she travels with Riley and Wes to help more dragons, conditions are becoming more dangerous than ever. And soon, they will learn of secrets and lies that, if revealed, could stun the dragon- and soldier- world.

I fell in love with these books from the very start when Ember was planted in California. The plot, characters, and organizations go beyond what’s typical. I love hearing about Ember’s emotional struggles and the factors that pile on her shoulders with every passing day because the author does a fantastic job. The dragon world is just so perfectly painted; with not only fire-breathing beasts, but a whole system, stereotypes, and more.

I, personally, am a fan of dragons. I absolutely adore the way that Julie Kagawa incorporates them into our modern world today.


Reviewed by Lexi, Grade 7, Tuckahoe Area Library

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