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Read + Review — To Save the Earth by Jules Archer

save_earthThis book is made up of the stories of four characters: John Muir, Rachel Carson, David McTaggart, and Dave Foreman. Each of these characters was determined to keep the Earth and its wildlife healthy, clean, and safe. The book was separated into four small biographies, each for one of the characters. It describes John Muir’s love for nature and his legacy that humans are not the main creatures on Earth. The author tells us about Rachel Carson, and her passion for writing and marine biology. David McTaggart sets off on an adventure to try and stop the French from testing their nuclear bomb in the Pacific. Finally, Dave Foreman co-founded the environmental movement, Earth First!

I think that the book is interesting to read, and it is definitely essential to our knowledge of wildlife and the environment. It was a very engaging book, as if you were traveling alongside the characters. The book pulls you into the lives of the characters and their careers. The writing style was very unique, it was amusing and serious. Overall, it was a funny and interesting book.

One memorable thing about the book is that Rachel Carson changed her career in college. It never occurred to me that someone could go from writing to marine biology in college.


Reviewed by Saarthak, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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