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Read + Review — Hawkwing’s Journey by Erin Hunter

hawkwingHawkpaw can’t wait to become a warrior and receive his warrior name. But SkyClan’s medicine cat is suddenly given a prophecy: The fire has burned out, but to dispel the darkness you must find the spark that remains. The calm before the storm has left, and now SkyClan battles for their very existance. Tragedy after tragedy hits Hawkpaw and the rest of SkyClan. Will SkyClan be able to find the spark that remains? Or are they lost forever?

This book is AMAZING! I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished. The writing is awesome and the plot had me spellbound. I really loved the main character. I even cried at multiple different times, as proof of how much I LOVED Hawkpaw. I can’t find any real flaws in this book, just that I wish that SkyClan didn’t have to suffer so much. But it went beautifully with this lovely story of heartbreak and perseverance. Erin Hunter has weaved a tale that no words can fully describe, and a story that warms every heart.

Hawkpaw and SkyClan always felt unsure and doubtful, especially in the hard times of this seemingly impossible journey. But they always managed to find hope and keep on going, even when they wanted to abandon this quest. This shows me the power of a positive attitude and persistence, and that even when things are looking rough I should never lose hope.


Reviewed by Christine, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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