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Read + Review — The Siege by Mark Alpert

siegeAdam Armstrong used to be a teenager dying from ,uscular dystrophy. Not anymore. His father, an engineer, transferred his consciousness to a robot, after which he became a perfect being – smarter, faster, and better than his older self. Regardless, he maintains his identity and feels emotions. He and five others chose to become the Pioneers- artificial yet human androids. The team is already falling apart, and Sigma, an AI, grows more powerful each day. The only thing stopping the AI from controlling the world is the Pioneers. That peace will only last if they survive.

I felt that this was a very entertaining novel. The author described the characters well and the different events that occurred throughout this book were quite memorable. There was some humor, which added to the overall quality, and the writing style made the story easy to follow. However, I felt that the plot was slightly unbalanced, consisting of too much action. Still, the story appears to have most of that action intentionally, and many may enjoy that. I personally perceive the storyline as somewhat chaotic, but this did not detract too much from the book. Overall, this was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to a friend.

This book was rather memorable, but certain aspects were more so. One of these include the idea of an artificial intelligence. In this book, an AI can engineer itself so that it keeps getting better. I wonder if having true artificial intelligence would be as dangerous as portrayed in this story.


Reviewed by Shivram, Grade 9, Gayton Library

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