Read + Review: Ghost by Jason Reynolds


Ghost is the story of Castle Cranshaw (aka Ghost). Castle is from a poor, troubled family, his father in jail and his mother working very hard for a decent living. His school life is not going very well either, with Castle always getting in trouble because of arguments and altercations. Also, he gets picked on and bullied a lot in school because of his family. Through all of these troubles, something exciting finally happens. Castle finds that he can really run, joining the track team, “The Defenders”. On the team, he is surrounded by other kids like him and a very good coach who guides and mentors him. The track team finally helps him focus on the positive things in his life.

I thought that “Ghost” was a good read for me. The plot and the characters seemed very realistic. Issues like bullying and altercations can happen to any middle school kid. I liked that, through all this trouble, Castle discovers his hidden talent and finds a team where he belongs.

The most memorable setting in the book was Mr. Charles’s shop, which Castle visited frequently. The store played a very important role in both the book’s plot and Castle’s life.


Reviewed by Sanika, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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