Read + Review: The Amateurs by Sara Shepard


Five years ago, a high schooler named Helena Kelly vanished without a trace, in her own backyard. This case left the police baffled and at dead ends when they eventually gave up. Seneca Frazier, who has her own secret, saw a post from Helena’s younger sister, Aerin, on Case Not Closed. Case Not Closed is a site where amateur sleuths try to solve the unsolvable. The post led her to Dexby, Connecticut, where the Kelly family lived. Together, Seneca and a band of other Case Not Closed sleuths are determined to crack the case once and for all.

I thought it was awesome! I personally adore mystery books because of the surprised and twists and turns. Although this book is a young adult book with young adult content, it is full of what I love in a good mystery. Whenever you suspect something, you will find yourself awed by the ingenuity of Sara Shepard as your suspicion is wrong. This book has left me guessing and wondering even after I finished it! It is sure to do the same to you, too.

One memorable thing was the last 15 or so pages. This is when the book drastically changes, causing that “wow” feeling that signals a good plot twist. The last pages are chock-full of awesomeness that a mystery reader desires!


Reviewed by Gayatri, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library

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