Read + Review – Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley


Fate of Flames takes place in our world, in a world where terrifying beats called phantoms roam and terrorize those stupid enough to get in their way. But there are a group of four girls, girls who are chosen to control the elements: earth, fire, water, and air. They protect civilians from these nightmarish monsters. There hasn’t been a siting in years… but now a strange figure called Saul has appeared, and he seems to have a strange connection with protagonist Maia Finley, the new Effigy of fire. Maia and the other three Effigies need to work together despite their differences in order to save the day.

I absolutely loved the way that Sarah Raughley reinvented our world as we know it. She made it seem as though these beasts of nightmare could truly be practical in this world, even as it was nearly the same as our own. I also liked the aspect of how some of these Effigies benefit more from their power giving them fame instead of heroism. It really impresses me how the fact that the author changed a simple thing about our modern world and was able to turn it into something else entirely.

I thought that of all things, the relationships between the Effigies are so interesting to read about. I like the fact that they are so relatable and similar to teenage girls these days, even though they have superhuman powers. Their personalities and actions really add to the story!


Reviewed by Lexi, Grade 7, Tuckahoe Library

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