Read + Review – Something In Between by Melissa De La Cruz


Jasmine de los Santos is the daughter of Filipino immigrants. Jasmine is studious, while being a cheerleader, and longs to receive a national scholarship. One day she receives the her dream scholarship acceptance letter. Everything is good in the hood, except for one thing. They are undocumented. She now has to find a way to stay in addition to other more common high school problems.

This book was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I love how Melissa goes and proves everyone that believes cruel myths about other groups of people wrong. The biggest problem in the book is actually also a big problem right now in the US. It raises awareness by letting the person read from a character whose life is changing because of those unfair laws. It is also smart to include the innocent children who have no clue what is going on like Olivia, or are innocent but are being affected like Danny and Isko. I also love it when the kids try to hurt the teens, but Lola Cherry and her cane are the best. Who wouldn’t love a person who hits people with canes to get their attention or just for fun.

Jasmine’s story and how her friends and teachers were able to help is truly inspirational. How she handles the situation is also mighty impressive. Some, like me, would explode or cry in fright or sadness. She also handles this and normal high school life.


Reviewed by Anisha, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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