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Read + Review – The Fixes by Owen Matthews


Eric Connelly is the man. Or at least that’s what his dad, a powerful senator, wants him to be. Eric lives in Capilano, CA, like Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but better. Everyone here is very rich and very powerful. Everyone, except Eric. But, he’s over that. Eric’s going to change and he going to change with an explosion, literally. With his new friends, called the “Suicide Pack,” things turn from mildly insane to deadly in an instant. Matthews takes us onto the journey of our lifetime as we explore the town of Capilano.

I thought that the book was quite well written. With 365 chapters, the book is a bit over 500 pages, with lots of pages half-empty. Chapters are either two pages or less. Still, Matthews managed to put on an impressive show. The book was well constructed, and even though it seemed a bit far fetched, it was also very relatable. The plot, however, was very fast-paced and might not fit all readers. There were plenty of surprises, but there were no major loopholes or craziness. I did enjoy the book, but it was not necessarily in my comfort zone.

With this book being so unique in numerous ways, it is difficult to settle on one thing. However, what’s really different about this book is that Matthews breaks the fourth wall (which means to talk to the audience directly). This is a rare feat that Matthews pulled off wonderfully. With Matthew’s vibrant storytelling style, we get to know the main characters more personally.


Reviewed by Eric, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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