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Read + Review- Hawkwing’s Journey by Erin Hunter


There is a clan that was lost long ago called Skyclan and now a cat named Firestar has rebuilt this clan from scratch and taught them the ways of the clan cats. Now Skyclan is in danger again. A group of rogues are planning to destroy the clans and dominate. Meanwhile, a young cat named Hawkpaw is awaiting his warrior ceremony with his littermates. But soon, the Skyclan medicine cat has a vision and is issued a prophecy: The fire has burned out, but the dispel the darkness, you must find the spark that remains. Everyone is worried by this prophecy and try to find an answer to it. Horrors and tragedy strike Skyclan and Hawkpaw one after another, nonstop. Can Skyclan survive this time? Will they find the spark, or be swept away by darkness again?

This book is AWESOME! The story line fits really well with the characters and I like it how each characters has a unique and individual personality. Hawkpaw is a great idea for main character as he expresses multiple emotions very clearly. So, in my opinion, I think this is one of the best Warriors Super Editions made by Erin Hunter.

The most memorable thing in this book is the way Skyclan and Hawkpaw persevered through all the problems they faced. It really teaches you how to sustains yourself, even in the darkest of times.


Reviewed by Ojas, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library


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