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Read + Review – Secrets, Lies, and Scandals by Amanda K. Morgan

Five teens, Ivy, Mattie, Cade, Tyler, and Kinley, are each taking a summer class in psychology with a horrible teacher. One day, Cade, Ivy, and Tyler are forced to stay behind after class and wait for Kinley to finish her test before Mr. Stratford talks to them. When Mr. Stratford angers Ivy she threatens him and Cade punches him. He trips on Kinley’s foot and Mattie walks in to find him dead. They try to dispose of the body and wait in anticipation for someone to catch them. They each try to rat each other out.
I thought this was a great book. Each character was trying to backstab each other and that added onto the plotline. The scenes also were kept short and there was not too much dialogue. The author got straight to the point with a little bit of suspense and that made the book the perfect length.
The most memorable scene was when they were talking about how to dispose of the body. It was filled with grim humor and that lightened the moment. I actually laughed.


Reviewed by Miranda, Grade 6, Libbie Mill Library

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