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Read + Review – The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti

Hawthorn Creely is the stereotypical excuse for a misfit high school senior. Her tedious life makes her yearn for a strange and mysterious event to occur in her small town located in Ohio. These wishes all came together one day when Lizzie Lovett, the most popular and alluring senior in Hawthorn’s junior year, goes missing one day while going camping with her boyfriend. Although she didn’t have much interest in Lizzie, a strange theory of that Lizzie actually being a werewolf sprouts in Hawthorn’s mind. She tries to go into the woods and search for Lizzie, alone. But a crazy conspiracy like this made Hawthorn lose her best friend Emily to a boy, and the senior diva queen Mychelle to turn the entire grade against her. Even though she is a strange teen who doesn’t want to get involved in danger, she tries to prove to everyone that she will save Lizzie Lovett and be the hero of high school, even if it means taking her job and boyfriend, even when people suspect him of killing Lizzie.
The book overall was disappointing and did not make me want to keep reading, but instead made me take frequent breaks. I disliked how the author did not include as much flashbacks as I had expected, as that would have made me understand Hawthorn’s character more. Also, there were parts of mature content that made me skip over chapters so I could not read it. Character description for this book did not hit the mark as I would have thought so, and description is key for the reader to visualize it. On the other hand, a key element Chelsea Sedoti nailed was the plot. The mysterious idea of the truth shocked the readers all throughout the book. Bizarre situations sometimes threw the audience off track from the main plot, but provided well written humor for them. Lastly, this writing style although did include inappropriate scenes not suitable for anyone my age, it really hit a home run on the ability to make people laugh and to put yourself into the shoes of Hawthorn Creely, but only for a little while.
One memorable thing about this book, in my opinion, is the adventure of Hawthorn not only looking for Lizzie but trying to find who she is herself. This venture is also relatable to life and gives the reader something to think about. Hawthorn starts out as a pathetic and social outcast and transforms into something the audience would have never thought would happen.

Reviewed by Viswanath, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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