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Read + Review — Warriors: Thunder and Shadow by Erin Hunter


Alderpaw is a cat part of a group named Thunderclan. There are three other clans named Shadowclan, Riverclan, and Windclan. He is a medicine cat, usually taking care of an apprentice named Twigpaw. Alderpaw has just returned from gorge looking for Skyclan, which is an exiled group, but he gets negative results. A band of cats tracked him down, with bad plans. The cats come in and drive out Shadowclan. Twigpaw fears for her littermate, Violetpaw, who is in that clan. Violetpaw is forced to either run away with the others or stay in Shadowclan with the new evil group. When Shadowclan crumbles, Thunderclan decides to take in the homeless Shadowclan cats. Tensions rise as fear of attack ripples through other clans, and bridges of trust start to fall. But the most fearful wonder is which clan is the next target.

I feel like this book is one of the best in the series. The changes in point of view help the reader stay on track of the plot. The events are well written, and take strong impact in the interest of the book. Although this story has much fighting, there can be well-placed humor in context, amusing the book’s audience.

The most memorable part is Shadowclan becoming a part of Thunderclan. Although they were taken in as “guests”, they still try to take control of the clan, giving tips and attempting to say orders, showing the pride of Shadowclan.


Reviewed by Ben, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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