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Read + Review – Love and F1rst Sight by Josh Sundquist

love-and-first-sightThis book was about a teenager named Will. It’s his first year at a high school not specifically for blind kids. He has to learn how to navigate the school, peers, and a new girlfriend. When he’s approached with the possibility of sight, he realizes that everything he thought might not be true.

I thought this book was very touching and sweet, especially the idea of exploring whether love is actually blind. After all the craziness and action in real life and fantasy, it was nice to read a calming book for a change. I feel like I could imagine a conversation between myself, Will, and his friends at lunch, or anywhere for that matter. I also enjoyed the references, like the ones to SparkNotes and Doctor Who fanfiction!

When I first picked up this book, I wondered how much detail would be in a book where most or all visual cues were gone. I was pleasantly surprised by how Will explained all of his world through auditory cues. It was actually kind of fun to see the world in a different way.


Reviewed by Shreya, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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