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Read + Review — The Catalyst by Helena Coggan

Rosalyn Elmsworth lives in a world of magic, and those who don’t have it. In the heart of London, years before she was born, the worst crime was committed. Andrew Ichor, now long gone, created a machine, working on his father’s research. When it was turned on, the results were catastrophic. Now, the world is divided in two. Those with green eyes, and those with grey. People with green eyes have powers, and people with grey eyes do not. The color of your eyes are random, so even the child of two green eyed, or gifted people, could have grey eyes, and be one of the ashkind. Rosalyn, or Rose, is a gifted person, with many powers. On the other hand, she has a deadly secret. Her and her father are both gifted, but are also both monsters. Will Rose be able to keep her secret, or will she have to reveal it?
I think that this book was amazing! It was very well written, and had tons of detail. I loved every twist and turn, and every surprise this book threw at me. I could not put it down. Rosalyn is a really amazing character. There were so many plot twists and lies. I cannot wait until the sequel arrives! I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves adventure and mystery.
One memorable thing from the book was Tabitha. Tabitha is a small girl with a terrible secret. She is considered a Demon, because her eyes are a very dark shade of grey. Even though she is considered evil, Tabitha is a sweet and kind girl.


Reviewed by Pranithi, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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