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Read + Review –The Hidden Oracle: The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

Apollo, a well known Greek God, has angered the one and only, Zeus. His father punished him by stripping him of his powers and making him mortal. No longer being a God, he gets robbed and is humiliated by telling them he a Greek God. A good thing is that a young girl named Meg McCaffrey helps him out by attacking the robbers with fruit. When he stupidly says that anyone can be his master at the moment, Meg claims it, making her his master. As a God, he knows the famous Percy Jackson and knows that Percy can help him out. They then go seeking for Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood, a camp for Demigods. But at the camp, things get awkward, especially with his children; since they can’t call someone the same age as him their dads. Even worse, communications and the Oracle of Delphi no longer work, preventing prophecies and Iris messages to the other camp, Jupiter and anywhere else. With those things happening, the woods are starting to weird people out, campers are missing and people muttering random things while walking into the woods, and not being seen after that. Well, now it’s Apollo’s job to find them, and get things back to normal.
This book was great and Rick Riordan has well-placed humor in this story. Apollo has a lot of self-pity, repeatedly criticizing his own mortal looks and acne. Usually, people think of Gods as strong, but probably not the way Apollo is. When fighting as a regular human, he is weak and fragile, unable to do much defense or attack.
A memorable thing is Apollo’s arrogance and cowardice. He doesn’t care for others throughout the book, worried about his acne in the beginning, and not focusing on the big things. When he has to do a job, he doesn’t want to do it, either.

Reviewed by Ben, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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