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Read + Review — This is Our Story by Ashley Elston

Five boys-Grant Perkins, Shep Moore, Henry Carlisle, Logan McCullar, and John Michael Forres- go hunting, but only four of them come back. Kate Marino, an intern from the attorney’s office, has to investigate the death of Grant Perkins. The case was supposed to be left alone, but Kate wanted justice for Grant for more than one reason. Meanwhile, the boys are having trouble holding it together and they make sure that no one knows the truth, especially not Kate.

I thought this book had the perfect amount of mystery to add to the suspense. The true emotions hidden in the boys are revealed in the detective tape and it is shocking how different they are in public. The scenes were each connected and that made it easier for me to understand the book. However, their were too many people in the scenes. Some of the mysterious scenes are ruined because of all of the people being in the scenes.

One memorable scene in this book is when I discovered that Stone couldn’t see. I like how it didn’t stop him no matter what. It shows how devoted he is to his job and the cases he gets.

Reviewed by Miranda, Grade 6, Libbie Mill Library

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