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Read + Review: It Looks like This by Rafi Mittlefehdt

it looks like this

This book is about a young fifteen year old boy named Mike. His family had just moved to a new city in Virginia. His high school year turns out a bit frustrating until a new boy, Sean, comes into his French class. They hang out after school and work on a project. But, there are always people around. Mike experiences tragedies in love and loss throughout his year in a new place.

I think that this book was well written with good description. The ending was very unexpected with a huge plot twist. I liked the author’s description when he was writing about the sunset. One thing that I disliked was the lack of quotation marks when a character was talking. I hope that the author makes a sequel!

A memorable thing is the detail the author put in. He carefully wrote details that created a visual image in my mind. I felt like I was actually at the beach with the characters.


Reviewed by Nikhil, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library 


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