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Read + Review: The Wish Grantor by C.J. Redwine

the wish granter

Arianna Glavan and her twin brother, Thaddeus are children of the King and now banished from the Kingdom of Súndraille after their beloved mother is found dead. Then suddenly, the royal family mysteriously dies and Thad’s fate is changed to being the rightful King as Ari is to be trained as a proper princess. When she finally figures out that this actually wasn’t her destiny and instead the work of the Wish Granter, a devious creature, she must find a way to stop him before Thad exchanges the safety of everyone for his soul. Arianna decides to conscript the Weapon’s Master, Sebastian to teach her to fight and help uncover the Wish Granter’s weakness to rescue what she cherishes most.

I thought this book was an exquisite interpretation of a fairy-tale classic and the characters were without a doubt, a perfect plus to the story. Each character’s role had a huge impact in how the novel would go, so without one of them, the biggest parts of the story would not come to play. The realm of this fairy-tale world was the picture of elegance, so the situations were very detailed whenever Ari or the Wish Granter was going somewhere to make a scene. The writing style was giving off the vibe that you were inside the book itself and was re-living the tale in a contemporary way.

The most memorable part of this novel was that it was showing the true moral and lesson like the real fantasy story. Remember, everything comes with a price!


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library 

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