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Read + Review — Summerlost by Ally Condie

One year ago, Cedar Lee’s father and younger brother were the victims of a horrendous car crash. In order to ease their grieving, Cedar, her mother, and her other younger brother Miles move to the town of Iron Creek for the rest of the Summer. While in Iron Creek, Cedar meets a boy her age named Leo who works a job at the Summerlost Theater Festival. Quickly after meeting, Cedar applies for a job at the festival also. As they work with each other and get to know one another, they begin to investigate the life of a former famous Iron Creek actress. During their sleuthing, Cedar and Leo’s friendship begins to grow and Cedar finally remembers what it’s like to be her true self when she is with him. Summerlost tells a story of love, loss, grievance, and having a true friend in times of despair.
One thing that I greatly enjoyed about Summerlost were the characters. I love Cedar’s determination and courage even though she is at a troubling time in her life. Same goes with Leo, his confidence and positive attitude really make the book enjoyable. I think if the characters were different from what they were in Summerlost, I would not have enjoyed this book as much as I did.
One thing that I will remember about Summerlost is the message it gave. It helped me realize that even in times of grief and sorrow, there is always someone to help get you through them.

Reviewed by Cassidy, Grade 8, Glen Allen Branch Library

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