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Read + Review – The Fever Code by James Dashner


Thomas lives in a world wracked by heat. Solar flares scorched the planet, changing everything. But things don’t get better, there’s something else. The Flare, a contagious disease that practically turns people crazy. Thomas is immune to this and has been taken to be tested by WICKED. WICKED is a corporation looking for a cure. He has been with them since he was a little boy. He is practically isolated and hasn’t seen anyone except for WICKED’s workers. Finally, after being confined in a building for three years, he meets a girl named Teresa. They are together to build a maze for some unknown trials. Later, he finds WICKED will be putting in dangerous things that are a mix of machine and monster and is tested on one of his friends. He wonders how his friends can survive in this maze, and why they must put those things in there? And most of all, is WICKED actually good?
The Fever Code was an interesting and mysterious book. It was very well written by James Dashner, showing the backgrounds of the gladers (the people being tested in the maze). There isn’t much humor in this book, but it is very exciting and violent at times. The plot is easy to understand, and there isn’t any time where I was bored reading this!
The most memorable part to me is the time where Teresa and Thomas first meet. I think this was an important part of the book since it sprouts the beginning of their friendship and bond.


Reviewed by Ben, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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