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Read + Review – Frogkisser by Garth Nix


Frogkisser is a magical tale of spells, adventure, and enchantment. The story follows Princess Anya and the Royal Dog Ardent on their Quest to turn a transformed prince back and defeat her evil stepstepfather. Aided by Shrub, a thief in the form of a newt, and Smoothie, a transformed otter, the two find the ingredients for a spell to turn the prince back. Will Anya defeat her evil stepstepfather and save the kingdoms? Will she perish?

Overall, Frogkisser was interesting and amusing. The references from fairy tales and the frequent pickles Anya and Ardent get into are enough to make anyone smile. Garth Nix has the written the book with a funny style. The chapters have humorous titles; they can make anyone laugh.

Though Frogkisser had many memorable moments, only one takes the cake for the best. When a character mentions the fruit pawpaw, Ardent, being a dog, thinks it is made out of paws. Does this make you curious? If so, be sure to get a copy from the library!


Reviewed by Sanika, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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