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Read + Review: I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai


“I am Malala” is an autobiography, following the story of Malala Yousafzai. From a young age, Malala had always had a deep connection with learning. Her father ran his own school, one where both males and females could learn together. Even as a toddler, she would join classes. However, her whole world turned upside down when the Taliban started to influence her beloved Pakistan.

This was a very inspiring book. Despite all the hardships she went through, Malala never lost hope and kept on fighting for what she believed in. She showed wondrous amounts of dedication and was well rounded. I believe Malala was a great character because she is not overly perfect. Like any human, Malala has many flaws, and the book does not hesitate to show that. “I am Malala” may not have been the most humorous book, but the story was very compelling, and I quickly felt attached to Malala.

One of the most memorable things about the book was most likely her father. Malala’s father was very passionate about education, and despite being in troubling times, he encouraged Malala to continue her education. Ziauddin disregarded customs and let his daughter pursue her dream. Even when his own life is put at risk, he never falters.


Reviewed by Ksenia, Grade 7, Gayton Library

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