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Read + Review – The Middle School Rules of Charles “Peanut” Tillman by Sean Jensen


The book is about a hard working-boy named Charles Tillman. He faces many ups and downs throughout his life but he doesn’t give up on his life long-dreams. Charles always dreamed about being a sports player. He excelled in may sports but football was his favorite. This book is a biography so Charles was the main character. Charles loved sports. Every moment Charles had after the age of eight was ocuppied in playing sports. He was well known every where he moved because of his remarkable talent of playing sports. Charles never stayed in one place because his family was always moving so the setting was everywhere and in the past.

The book was very interesting and always kept the reader hooked with surprising twists and turns. The book never got boring because there were always scary, tense, or funny situations. For example once Charles was at a party. While Charles was enjoying himself he suddenly glimpsed at some beer; he knew this wasn’t good. After a few minutes Charles’ brother, Duck, told him to leave. Charles didn’t know why but he left. Later that night police came over to the house and arrested a few of the boys there. Luckily, Duck escaped. This situtaions was scary but very loving. In the book the, author added a little excerpt in some pages about Charles’ rules and his families’ rules. The one thing I didn’t like about the book was racial discrimination. Charles was faced with racial discrimination many times, but one time he almost got arrested. One day Charles was playing basketball with some of his black and white friends. The police came over and told all the black people to get on their knees. The police let the white people go and play. For half an hour the police interrogated the black kids and finally let them go. This made me feel happy because this doesn’t happen much anymore but also sad because it used to happen and people injustly discriminated other skin tones.

One memorable thing about this book is how hard-working Charles is. Charles worked very hard every day around the clock to achieve his huge goals. This inspires me to work harder for my goals.


Reviewed by Armaan, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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