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Read + Review – Dragon Captives by Lisa McMann


It’s been ten years since that battle against Queen Eagala, and the peace that Alex and Aaron fought for has remained, and it hasn’t been broken. That is, until now. Aaron and Alex’s identical twin sisters, Thisbe and Fifer, were born with unruly magical abilities, more astounding than any other Artimean, including Alex. But the twins powers are more destructive than good, and one day they go too far. Livid, Alex angrily suggests that he might have to put them under lock and key until they learn to control themselves. However, this is all forgotten when ice-blue Hux the dragon appears. He tells them that the Revinir, the leader of the land of dragons, has captured and made slaves out of his siblings and himself. Thisbe, Fifer, and their friend Seth run away to save the dragons, hoping to fix their mistake. Will they accomplish their mission? Or will Seth and the twins succumb to the wicked people of the dragon land and the mysterious Revinir?

I LOVED this book to the moon and back! I enjoyed the character development, especially when the twins and Seth sneak off into an adventure of a lifetime. It made me feel super happy to see old characters, and how they grew or withered in their personalities made me feel joyful and heartbroken. The writing style was awesome, captivating, and addictive. The emotions I felt in this book were so powerful, almost as if the story was real. The plot was crazy good and really entertaining, balanced between action and small bites of humor. I recommend this AMAZING book to everyone! But you first should read the Unwanteds series, which is also amazing, before reading this book.

One memorable thing about this book was how naive Thisbe and Fifer were when it came to actual adventure. Since they always had someone looking out for them, they didn’t understand that adventures were dangerous. Thisbe and Fifer just thought it would be in and out, a way to get rid of their boredom and to get back on Alex’s good side. To me, this is kind of shocking, since Alex had been basically lecturing them about all the dangers for their whole lives. Also, if they thought about all the casualties that Aaron and Alex’s adventures caused, I think they would have thought twice about sneaking out to some unknown land where dragons are enslaved.


Reviewed by Christine, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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