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Read + Review – The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker by Kat Spears

29500951-_uy200_After moving to rural Tennessee, Luke Grayson is forced to adjust to a new life with his father and his father’s picture-perfect wife. To his dismay, Luke’s reputation as a troublemaker followed him, as the local police officer and his principal both suspect him to act up. Being the new kid in school, Luke is automatically targeted by Grant Parker, the most popular guy in school. After constantly being humiliated from Grant’s torment, Luke decides that he’s had enough and he fights back. By doing so, Luke makes himself Grant’s new worst enemy. Suddenly, due to an accident, Grant is left in a coma and Luke is persuaded to take his place as the king of the school. Only he knows what really happened to Grant, but the rest of the school is under the impression that Luke was responsible for Grant’s accident. Now, his lies are building up and things will only continue to get worse unless Luke does something about it.

This novel was both hilarious and jaw-dropping to read. The author included both humor and suspense in this book, as well as a sprinkle of perspective from a teenager’s point of view. The book takes you into the mind of a regular seventeen-year-old student and his struggles to fit in. Oftentimes, I found myself relating to many of the problems that Luke faced throughout the book. However, one thing that I disliked was that the novel contained inappropriate phrases and language that might be sensitive to some readers.

The perspective is the most memorable part of this novel, because every chapter seemed to come straight out of a teenager’s brain. Although many people may dislike this kind of perspective, I found it enjoyable and humoring.


Reviewed by Victoria, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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