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Read + Review – Gutless by Carl Deuker


Brock Ripley has the best agility and speed in his high school. The only problem is that he is too scared to risk injury for his body playing football on the varsity team with star quarterback and most popular kid, Hunter Gates. When Brock gets relocated to the Junior Varsity football team, his bond with Hunter Gates ends. But, fearful Brock has to stand up to Hunter after he starts picking on Brock’s Asian friend, Richie Fang. This book shows how Brock Ripley’s courage is being tested throughout his year in high school sports.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I liked the descriptive details that the author had put in when he was describing the characters. Additionally, I found the uncovering twists to add more suspense to the plot in a excellent way. I also liked the way that the author managed to add a sense of humor throughout the entire book. It was an overall amazing book with emotion and awareness to anti-bullying.

One memorable thing in the book is the anti-bullying prospect. The author combined an entertaining realistic fiction plot, and an anti-bullying awareness program. Another memorable thing is the distribution of two sports in one book. Although the author focused the book on football, a lot of the rising action comes from soccer season.


Reviewed by Nikhil, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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