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Read + Review – The Royal Tour by Amy Alward


Samantha Kemi is back at it again with her new best friend, Evie, the princess of Novia, and her boyfriend, Zain Aster, the son of ZA Synths. Only this time, instead of competing against other teams, she’s just racing time. She has to find her great-grandmother’s lost potion diary in order to save the world from the terrible Emilia. The plot follows the young alchemist around the world as she concocts spells, mixes potions, and overcomes all odds.

After reading the first book, The Potion Diaries, I was hooked; I couldn’t wait until the sequel. Royal Tour sucked me in before I even flipped the first page. You can feel the magic, as if standing beside Sam; experience the same surges of emotion. The romance, the friendship, and the bravery all flow from the pages. Amy Alward writes in a way that you can’t help but be obsessed.

The family element is definitely one of the key pieces that makes this book such a great read. The way Sam connects with her Granddad and sister is something magical.


Reviewed by Madison, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library

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