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Read + Review – Mayday by Karen Harrington


Beginning in the world of Before, Wayne Kovok lived a normal life. He was a fact-spouting seventh grader at Beatty Middle School. However, when he walked through the plane doors, he entered the land of After. In this life, Wayne did not share random facts in every awkward moment. He couldn’t; he had lost his voice, permanently. Now he must survive living in a house with his sick grandfather, injured mother, and no voice to stand up for himself.

Mayday is an incredible book. It balances sadness with happiness; seriousness with just enough silliness. The sarcasm plays a huge role in the book as well. You can’t help but relate to Wayne as he travels through middle school with a scratched up face, no left eyebrow, and no voice. The author sure knows how to hook you from the first page to the last.

The way the author contrasts the different points in his life is one of my favorite parts about Mayday. The land of Before, After, and Now all show how Wayne has grown from small-minded to whiny and finally to open-minded and mature. This helps you connect with Wayne in a unique way.


Reviewed by Madison, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library

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