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Read + Review – Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz


Jasmine de los Santos, born in the Philippines but currently living in America, has a life full of everything a girl could want. She’s popular, smart, captain of the cheer squad, and pretty. However, one day the De Los Santos family is crippled by daunting news: They aren’t legal. Her life slowly begins to fall apart, piece by piece, and the only thing keeping her together is her boyfriend Royce Blakely, the son of a congressman against illegal immigrants. This story follows Jas as she attempts to fulfill the “American Dream”.

Normally, I steer away from books about visas, immigrants, or any other sad topics. Not that I don’t take matters like these seriously, however, I’d rather not read about these depressing circumstances. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel by Melissa de la Cruz. “Somewhere in Between” features a lot of heart, family, and of course, romance! I would definitely recommend reading this book.

I love how the author included other elements to compliment the basic plot line. Not only is there the drama of being thrown out of your home, but Melissa de la Cruz also incorporated the roller coaster of romance. You will twist and turn along with Jas as you slowly but surely become obsessed with “Somewhere in Between”.


Reviewed by Madison, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library

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