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Read + Review – Summerlost by Ally Condie


After dealing with a year of troubles, Cedar, her mom, and her brother just want to have a normal summer. Her father and third brother had been killed in a recent car accident, and the pain and grief still haunt them. Buying a summer house, the family tries to forget the past and start a new future. As Cedar meets new friends and gets a job, a happy future seems to be closer and closer.

Honestly, it wasn’t one of my favorites. My favorite genre is romance; I love a good love story. This book, however, had no love plot or anything romance to it at all. I can appreciate a good book without an extreme love twist, but if there isn’t any chemistry whatsoever, I get kind of bored. With this book, it was more about friendship, healing, and forgiveness.

One of my favorite parts was how close Cedar and Leo get. After a short week or two, the pair already became best friends. The friendship in Summerlost is definitely one of the highlights.


Reviewed by Madison, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Library

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