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Read + Review – The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan


In this book, The Dark Prophecy, Apollo continues his journey to fulfill his trials to regain his godly powers in the second installation of the Trials of Apollo. He was stripped of his powers by Zeus because after a battle against the Greek Goddess of Earth, the aftermath of the prophesized battle was bad. Being the god of prophecy, he was punished and made a mortal, Lester Papadopoulos. He travels across the United States with his 3 companions, Meg, Leo, and Calypso. They distrust each other too, even in dire situations. To make things worse, Apollo wishes he had his powers to complete simple tasks to gods, for they are difficult to mortals and need to fight off monsters and face seemingly easy tasks to gods to complete their prophecy. As Apollo completes his trials, he fights monsters, old friends, and mythical creatures.

In this book, I really like the plot; the plot was very interesting and detailed, making you feel like you were in the book. In between, there were small portions of romance between characters, which was fine because it added how much each character would give to another. Also, the suspense at each end of a chapter was very good, making me want to keep turning the pages until I finished. Last, I really like the humor; with the action-packed plot, it added a fun and a suspenseful atmosphere while reading the book. The humor relieved some tension and was dosed in good amounts so it was not overdone.

The most memorable thing about The Dark Prophecy was the humor added to it. The humor made me laugh out loud sometimes and made references to brands and games that we know about. The book connected myth and real world events and objects very well and makes me wish that it was real, except for the deadly monsters.


Reviewed by ThienMinh, Grade 7, Glen Allen

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