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Read + Review – Thunder and Shadow by Erin Hunter

warriorsAlderpaw may not have been able to find SkyClan, but he did find two kittens that may be part of the prophecy. While Violetkit (one of the kittens) is in ShadowClan, Twigkit (the second kitten) has stayed at ThunderClan. Some cats believe that they are the key to StarClan’s message while others have doubts. Alderpaw is still training to be a medicine cat and trying to please Jayfeather. However, the clan cats soon figure out that the rogues have followed them back to the lake. Will this bring peace or will it bring a war?

One reason I liked the book is because of its very descriptive imagery. I also like how this is about a society of cats and not humans. This was new to me and it made the story interesting. However, I think the book was confusing because it kept on changing the point of views. This made it challenging to keep up with each character. I think it would have been better to put the character’s name at the begging at each chapter to cause less confusion.

What I found memorable in this book was that the cats had their own vocabulary. For example, the cats called the roads “thunder paths”. This was very creative and I have not seen this technique used a lot in writing.


Reviewed by Asmi, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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