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Read + Review: Stranger than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer


Four high school graduates that are best friends (Topher Collins, Joey Davis, Sam Gibson, and Moriko “Mo” Ishikawa) are planning a road trip across the United States to spend some time together before going to different colleges. Members of this group are some of the millions of people who adore a TV show called “Wiz Kids”. The star of the show, Cash Carter, has been behaving recklessly for the past three months, partying all night, getting high, and doing crazy things. Before the road trip, Topher sends a letter to the famous actor and jokingly invites Cash along. He is surprised to actually get a response back asking, “What time?”

I thought that “Stranger than Fanfiction” was a very interesting book that showed real life experiences. I liked how the four best friends became friends and how secrets only cemented their relationship more later in the book. The situations in this book were as realistic as they come and helped to give me a different perspective on them. Chris Colfer’s writing style can be occasionally humorous and serious too. In my opinion, that is an awesome writing style to have!

The most memorable part of the book for me was why Cash was acting so carelessly and his special connection with Topher. This connection with Topher is the whole reason why Cash went on a road trip with a group of total strangers. Once these things are said, everything makes more sense.


Reviewed by Zhane, Grade 7, Sandston Library

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