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Read + Review: I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo

Senior Desi Lee’s got it all: sports star, class president, and in the running for Stanford. Desi’s worked hard to be perfect at everything in her life, but has repeatedly failed many times at a single aspect in her life: boys. So when artsy Luca Drakos walks into her life, Desi is clueless with what to do. That is, until she discovers K Dramas. Using guidance from the impeccable love stories that fill up her TV screen, and a little outside help, Desi is determined to get her goal.

While reading the book, it was almost as if I was experiencing what Desi was going through: her embarrassment, her sadness, and most of all, her weird yet funny quirks. I liked how Luka wasn’t your average hero, who always saved the heroine, and how Desi was a strong and independent female character. The author truly explores a teenage girl’s life while incorporating elements of romantic K Dramas that everyone loves. While sometime Desi may seem too perfect of a character, there’s always her quirks that show everyone has flaws.

What I liked most was watching Desi develop as a character, watching her learn new things about her life and at the same time staying the exact same as she was before. Desi is independent and capable by herself, but at the same time she’s totally different when she’s around a guy she likes. She’s also strong, despite everything that’s happened in her life. It’s truly memorable aspect of a teenage girl’s life that is captured, and really shows how someone can keep their head held high after tough times, and for that, Desi is admirable.


Reviewed by Grace, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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