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Read + Review: Just Fly Away by Andrew McCarthy


When fifteen year old Lucy learns about her father’s affair and his eight year old son, her entire world turns upside down. Soon after, she meets Simon, her friend’s brother, who supported Lucy when she felt emotionally unstable. Eventually, Lucy is able to track down Thomas, her father’s secret child, and decides to take off for her grandfather’s house. After a long journey, Lucy makes it to her grandfather’s house and starts to work out the truth about her father’s affair and the betrayal he committed to her family. After a few days with her grandfather, Lucy is able to learn more about her father’s past and her family’s secrets. As more problems rise up in Lucy’s life, she has more solutions to find. Will she be able to find the solutions to fix all her problems?

This book always kept me wanting to know what happened next and was very intriguing. The author did an excellent job making the characters come to life. That helped me relate to the characters’ feelings and made the book much more enjoyable. Another part I liked was the change of character that was implemented. As the book continued, Lucy developed in character and became mentally stronger due to the situation. I also liked how Lucy reacted to situations that popped up in the book.

In my opinion, the most memorable part in the book was how her grandfather was so relaxed when Lucy arrived, and how well liked he was. I also thought that the mini life lessons he gave to Lucy were quite interesting. In general, I thought Lucy’s grandfather was an interesting person and liked how he contributed to Lucy.


Reviewed by Anmol, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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