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Read + Review: Dog’s Best Friend by James Patterson


Rafe Khatchadorian is just your average kid with an average life at Hills Village Middle School, but his big mouth lands him in some hot water. From making his mother cry during Christmas to accusing Eddie and Ethan Finn of some serious allegations, Rafe can only make matters worse for himself. Yet, through it all, his one wish is to get a WormHole Premium Multi-Platform GameBox. In hopes of receiving this item, Rafe decides to put on his thinking cap and start a dog-walking business. But when Rafe discovers something even more sinister going on, his investigations lead him to a reality like none other. Secrets and truths start pouring out, and Rafe needs to make the right choice in order to save his life from crashing down.

James Patterson has done it again with a hilarious, yet entrancing book about the life of a middle schooler. Rafe is not only a relatable character, but also one that seems to teach younger kids lessons about honesty, responsibility, and trust. Through graphic comic strips and eye-catching chapters, I was hooked on all the situations that occurred throughout the story. My favorite character was definitely Georgia; she’s cunning, smart, witty, and, in my opinion, helped the story close to a strong ending. Personally, I never expected such a child-like book to convey themes that I would probably see in adult novels. Although I can’t give anything away, I will say that I was baffled by all the plot twists in the story.

I enjoy the fact that Rafe doesn’t live a perfect life. He has his ups and downs, which makes the book, in my opinion, a lot more interesting to read. As previously said above, the book is a lot more relatable than some other stories I’ve read. Nevertheless, I loved how Rafe was able to create some humor out of every situation he faced. If you always look at the negatives in life, you’ll never have time to reach the positive. I think Rafe did a great job of learning how to balance his negativity out, and to make the best of every obstacle he endured.


Reviewed by Mitali, Grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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