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Read + Review: The Last Message Received by Emily Trunko


Everyone experiences loss and heartbreak. Final conversations between people have a lasting affect. In this novel, readers get a glimpse of a collection of last words, texts, social media posts, emails, and anything in between. It is a heartfelt book, containing all kinds of loss from last exchanges: the end of friendships, breakups, suicides, and untimely deaths.

Full of sadness and loss, this book was relevant to everyday life, with many sudden endings. This book inspired me to reflect on my own life; every person that has come into mine, and those who I will meet again in time. This book is realistic, and filled with the everyday realities that people must face. The illustrations and word art were extraordinary and provided a complimentary element to these final conversations. Even though it is a quick read, this book leaves a lasting impression of how life and relationships coincide.

One aspect that was unforgettable was how every single message evoked a different emotion from the reader. Some are sad, while others make the reader feel pity. There is also the knowledge that even if we cannot connect with these mystery acquaintances, the readers may at least learn from and share in their experiences.


Reviewed by Katie, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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