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Read + Review: Be True to Me by Adele Griffin


Jean and Fritz are fierce competitors over love. Gil Burke, the hottest guy in town, has a serious relationship with Fritz, but still has sparks with Jean. Not only do both girls fight over Gil, but they also are competitors in tennis. They will do anything for Gil, even if it means going over the limits. At first, it starts off with an undercover, suspicious friendship, but slowly, the tension between the two girls over Gil increases. As the rivalry intensifies, who will win over Gil in the end?

Be True to Me is a very clichĂ© book, bringing in high school drama and romance which is a very likable aspect of this book. The way the author shapes and describes the characters makes it seem like a very intense relationship and love triangle. What was not put into perspective was the humor and uniqueness of the book. It seemed like the ordinary “life of a teenager” book, but it did explore how far a girl must reach for something she desires.

What really stood out was the strong, broad features of Gil and how he dealt with both Jean and Fritz. He showed his compassion and love to both girls, and the author really brings out his personality and characteristics. Another thing was the fights between the two girls. Each page brings a new level of intensity which will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!


Reviewed by Allyson, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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