Read + Review: The Romantics by Leah Konen

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In the small town of Chapel Hill in South Carolina, the story of a Certified Grade-A Romantic named Gael Brennan is told through the eyes of Love itself. Love had turned a blind eye to Gael’s parents, and their relationship eventually fell apart due to Love’s ignorance. In order to make amends, Love has to use everything it has in order to save Gael from falling head-over-heels for the wrong girl. Love’s top priority is to lead Gael to the path of the right girl, Sammy Sutton, by any means necessary. The Romantics is a light-hearted and comical novel that sheds some light on the concept of love itself.

The Romantics and its writing style exceeded my expectations without hesitation. The use of Love as the omniscient narrator of the story added a fun twist. The story was rather predictable since the book used the concepts of romantic cliches and stereotypes. However, The Romantics is a book I will recommend if you are a fan of Rainbow Rowell or Lauren Myracle. The ending of The Romantics was adorable, and it had tugged my lips into a smile that practically beamed.

One memorable thing about the book was the emphasis on the characters’ personalities. Leah Konen had drawn attention to each and every single one of the characters. Each of their roles played an immense part in the development of Gael’s own character.


Reviewed by Jessica, Grade 9, Glen Allen Library

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