Read + Review: Monster by Michael Grant

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Four years ago, the world everyone knew had changed. A meteorite had hit Perdido Beach in California, and a dome appeared. This dome was solid and impenetrable but hollow, and the kids inside had to survive on their own. Only, some of them had developed impossible powers, creating a dangerous world where nothing could remain stable.

Eventually, it came down, but a new threat has appeared. The meteorites have been falling all around the world, but instead of creating more domes, the people who ingest parts of those alien rocks develop terrifying powers – more than anyone has ever seen before. But as various people aspire to the role of heroes, others find their joy in chaos and destruction. A precarious war between good and evil is emerging, but the monsters in between may be the ones that tip the balance.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel, which was filled with action and adventure. The characters were developed carefully with widely-varying personalities and characteristics. One major aspect the author emphasizes is the hesitation the characters have concerning what they choose to become. I also liked the writing style, which provided details without burdening the audience in any way. This was mainly a serious book with an overarching theme of science fiction, but the lack of humor did not detract from the plot. The different events kept me on the edge of the seat and waiting for the end so that I would discover the final results. Ultimately, this was an entertaining read that I would recommend to others.

Much of this book was memorable, but one aspect particularly so was the description of each individual’s powers. Their transformations are extremely unique and described elegantly through imagery. I find this abundance of imagination and creativity to be the source of this author’s success.


Reviewed by Shivram, Grade 10, Gayton Library

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