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Read + Review: Get Coding by Young Rewired State

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This is a magnificent book to teach kids how to code. First, the reader is taught to build a website using HTML and JavaScript code. They are then taught to create a password, a secure element, to contain it using JavaScript and how to combine the JavaScript with the HTML. Third, the reader is taught to create an app using the same type of code. Next, the reader is taught how to create hyperlinks, including information from other websites. Afterwards, the reader is taught to build a game using code, and lastly, they are instructed on how to add finishing touches like wireframes.

I thought the book was very helpful for kids my age. I think so because the simple way that the coding was described helped me learn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in less than a day. However, I did not think readers under eight years of age (excluding those who have an exceptional interest in coding) will enjoy this book due to the lack of humor. I think that the authors could have done a better job on this.

One memorable part of the book was when the book described a few famous coders. It was memorable because it shows that though computers are usually generalized as modern technology, they date back to the 1850s.


Reviewed by Varun, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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