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Read + Review: Sparrow by Sarah Moon

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Sparrow is about a girl named Sparrow who is shy and did something no one can decode. Sparrow doesn’t have friends and is currently in therapy. She feels like she will never be normal again. When Sparrow finds a flyer for a sleep away camp for rock music stuck inside a book, she decides to give it a try. After being there for quite a while, she realizes she didn’t just make the biggest mistake of her life- which is what she previously thought.

I liked that the author put many emotions in this book. There were parts that were funny yet there were parts that would make you feel angry or shocked. I also loved that the author wrote the book in first person. I was really able to understand Sparrow’s thoughts and feelings.

One memorable thing is that how Sparrow was really uncertain about the camp when she got there. But know Sparrow does have new friends and she is back to her normal self.


Reviewed by Anushree, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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