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Read + Review: The Authentics by Abdi Nazemian

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Daria is an Iranian American girl who is proud of who she is. Her former friend Heidi who is in a clique called the “Nose Jobs,” while Daria’s friends are called the Authentics. The Authentics included her, Kurt, Caroline, and Joy. One day in their English class, Mr. Farrell assigns a project about what brought them to this point in their life. Daria decides to draw up a little family tree, including her brother Amir and his husband Andrew, and her parents Sheila and Baba. She then decides that she should do a DNA test on herself. She finds out shocking news that will test her family and the Authentics. She is on the road of self-discovery and secrets.

I like how her friends and family were tested throughout the story. You also get to learn about her culture at the same time. The friendship that Daria, Kurt, Caroline, and Joy had was one of a kind. I loved how her mom was so party crazy, while the dad just went along with everything so the mom wouldn’t be mad at him. It really showed their relationship clear and how they are as parents. The author being the same race as the character that he wrote made you feel better because you know the culture is truthful. There wasn’t anything in particular that I didn’t like. If I had to really choose it would be Heidi’s attitude.

The most memorable thing was when her niece was born. I understood how she felt because I’m currently having a niece too, so I felt like I could relate with the character.


Reviewed by Alanda, Grade 11, Libbie Mill Library

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