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Read + Review: Sparrow by Sarah Moon


An isolated and anxious 8th grader, Sparrow finds herself in the psychological ward of a hospital after classmates caught her on the roof of her school. In the midst of others saying it was a suicide attempt, Sparrow becomes trapped in a never-ending circle of those asking how and why she would go through with such a rash decision. However, Sparrow is harboring a long-time secret: she wants to be like a bird, gracious and free. After meeting Dr. Katz, her new shrink, Sparrow is faced with the dilemma of letting her voice be heard, or shutting herself in to protect her future.

I was immediately sucked in by how ethereal the cover was, but I definitely think that the actual plot line is what made this one of my favorite stories from the library. As a reader, we get to explore Sparrow’s mind and her “man vs. self” fight between having no friends and letting others into her inner personality. This is a book that every teenager can relate to in some aspect; for example, Sparrow’s mom is not able to understand her daughter’s feelings anymore, and Sparrow has trouble with mean girls, who ensure that she remains friendless. Anyone could read this book and find something that speaks to them, from daydreaming about flying away from worries to finding themselves through music. Overall, I was a big fan of the characters and situations, so I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a simple, yet memorable read.

I found that the common theme of “don’t judge a book by its cover” was memorable throughout the duration of the story. It truly opened my eyes in realizing that our society is so sucked in on looks and rumors that we fail to understand what a person is really like. If we were to take this theme and apply it to daily life, perhaps less people would be in the same dilemma as Sparrow.

Reviewed by Mitali, Grade 10, Twin Hickory Library


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