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Read + Review: The Other Side of Summer


other side of summer


The Other Side of Summer is about how Summer, the main character, learns how to deal with her brother’s, Floyd’s, death. Her mother is a ghost of grief, her sister’s anger has gone out of control, and her dad tries to convince the family to move to Australia. Summer feels like the sadness is never ending until she finds Floyd’s old guitar. When she plays the guitar, something magical happens, which makes her feel less alone. In this book, Summer fights her way through grief and on the way, makes a whole lot of new friends.

In my opinion, this book expresses emotion in an entertaining way. Emily Gale explores the other side pain and hope as Summer battles the sorrow in her. With her friends, family, and a kindhearted dog, Summer soon completes her journey through the other side the herself. I definitely recommend this book to any teen readers looking for an interesting book the dive into!

I think the most memorable thing about this book is how quickly her sister changes personalities once her family moves to Australia. Before, Wren, her sister, is an irritable teenager with a short-temper. After they move, Wren becomes calm and friendly. I think this shows that once you stop thinking about what ever is angering you, it is much easier to get over.


Reviewed by Nikki, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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