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Read + Review: Inevitable and Only by Lisa Rosinsky

Inevitable and only

Acadia Rose Greenfield, more commonly known as Cadie, lives a seemingly normal life. Like any teenage girl, she completely falls head over heels with a boy named Farhan, and she has an obsession with Shakespeare. What’s more, her tight bond with her dad allows Cadie to feel safe and secure in her home, that is, until her world comes crashing down. When Cadie learns that she has a half-sister, resulting from her dad cheating on her mom, there isn’t much more she can do before Elizabeth moves in. Cadie’s seemingly modest life becomes one filled with ups and downs, but will she be able to save her family before they fall apart?

Overall, I was very pleased with the plotline and overall tone that was set in the story. Throughout the book, Cadie struggles to come to terms with her new life, and as a result, we are able to see the struggles that torn families face amidst adversity. Lisa Rosinsky’s writing style is one that resonates with me because it is able to convey emotions through the simplest words. For instance, “Inevitable and Only” is a statement pulled from the book that is able to strongly give the reader a sense of wonder: do we only have one chance at making our future? I’ve seen stories that focus around discovering new siblings, but the twist that the author put on this topic truly made this book mesmerizing. Cadie is someone who focuses on outward appearance, and Elizabeth’s strong resemblance to her dad allows us to enter the jealous rage of Cadie’s character. Through this, we are able to observe her coming-of-age, which makes the book even better. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to encounter complex characters and thought-provoking revelations.

I found the quirky personalities of each character very memorable. I’ve noticed that, in many recently published stories, the humor of each character sounds forced and almost choppy, per say, in comparison to the rest of the plot. However, the characters in “Inevitable and Only” meshed well with each other and complemented the overall message that was conveyed throughout the duration of the book.


Reviewed by Mitali, Grade 10, Twin Hickory Library

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