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Read + Review: Lumberjanes Unicorn Power by Mariko Tamaki


Unicorn Power

Five friends, April, Molly, Mal, Jo, and Ripley, all attend a camp for hardcore girls. One day, when out adventuring in the woods, they discover a whole field of terrible smelling unicorns who lead the girls to a tall, grand mountain. Being the type of people who always tackle any challenge, they decide that they just had to climb it. When reaching the summit they could not believe their eyes at what they found.Will the girls find their way back to their beloved camp? Read the book to find out!

I really liked this book, because I could really understand the characters, and at the beginning of the book the author made sure to give a brief, yet detailed description of every one of the main characters. What I did not like, is at some points in the book, the plot line could get a bit slow, and boring to read, but it always usually picked up again in a few short chapters. It also included short descriptions of badges at the end of the book, which was a nice, extra thing to read. Over all, I really liked the book! It is definitely a book that I would read again in the future.

What I really liked about this book was that they took things that you would think about every day one way, and then change it and make you think of it a different way. For example, instead of making unicorns the fun loving creatures that we think about, the author in the book described how terrible they smelled, and now whenever I think of unicorns, I think of their stench.


Reviewed by Alison, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library

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