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Read + Review: Checked by Cynthia Kodohata



Conor MacRae’s life is hockey. He eats, sleep, and thinks hockey, and most of his afternoons are spent on the rink. He has dreams for the NHL, every young hockey players goal. One day, Conor notices a slight swelling on his dog’s leg. Sinbad (the dog) is one of Conor’s best friends, and he wants all that’s right for Sinbad, so he takes him to the vet. There, they find out some bad news. Sinbad has cancer, and it will cost 7,000 dollars to treat. The problem is, money is the one thing he and his dad do not have. Hockey costs money, and hockey gear has to be replaced. Will Conor keep his dreams of the NHL and save Sinbad? Read the book to find out!

I really liked this book, it took a while to read, yet it was worth it. It is full of twists turns, and information packed. I liked this book, because the author included the smallest details, which at first seem unnecessary, but later brings the whole book together. It has day to day circumstances, but the author put a spin onto them, making them interesting, and funny.

One memorable thing about this book, was that while they were telling you a story about a boy and his dog, they were also packing your brain with hockey information. This book tells you a great deal about hockey, and makes it so you can almost feel yourself skating across the ice. This is a great book if you are looking for a realistic-fiction novel, but also want to learn something new.


Reviewed by Alison, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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